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We are extremely fortunate at Lorne St. that we have an Orchestra program. We are one of a handful of Elementary Schools that has been able to keep our orchestra program up and running..

Orchestra is open to all 3-5 graders. No previous music experience is required. Auditions were held in early October for new Orchestra students. Students are selected based on the basis of interest, musical ability, and maintenance of classroom standards. Returning students typically do not have to audition again. Students are taken out of class once a week for rehersal and instruction. It is important that students in orchestra are able to keep up on the classwork they may have missed in order to remain in the orchestra program.

Students are encouraged to join orchestra if they already have access to an instrument. There are a limited number of LAUSD intstruments available that can be loaned to students for the school year provided the student has returned a signed instrument agreement form to the Music Teacher. Not all students desiring to be in Orchestra will be able to join due to the limited number of borrowed instruments available.

The Orchestra meets every Monday. Students MUST remember to bring their instrument and music every monday. Failure to come to prepared to Orchestra class three times may result in not be able to participate any longer.

Orchestra students are given music that they are supposed to be practicing at home for homework on a weekly basis. At the end of the year, the Orchestra students will have play in a concert to show off their accomplishments.

The Orchestra program is run by Mrs. Davidson who comes to Lorne once a week from the LAUSD Arts Education Branch.