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Policies and Procedures

Absence or Tardiness

When your child is absent or tardy for any reason, he/she MUST BRING a note in order to be admtted to class. If the absence has been five days or more, the child MUST REPORT to the office before being readmitted to class. Children with casts, braces, splints, or stitches cannot be readmitted without a physician's written approval to attend school, and the permissio of the Principal. After surgery, a doctor's note is also necessary.

Lost & Found/Labeling Items

Please be sure that all of your child's belongings (coats, sweaters, lunchboxes, sack lunches, and any other items) are labeled with your child's full name and room number. Lost items will be placed in the Lost and Found which is located in front of the student bathrooms. You may inspect the Lost and Found for missing items before and after school.

Unclaimed Lost and Found items are donated to charity a couple of times a year.