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Book Report Due Nov. 15

Mrs. Matsuno

October 21-25

Conference Sign Up on Classtag:  Conferences are Nov. 4-8.  Some parents signed up at Back to School Night.  For those of you that didn't get the chance, please go to the Classtag site and sign up.  

Book It Pizza Prizes:   ONLY two weeks until your child can earn his/her first pizza certificate.  Keep reading and filling in the reading log. 

Trunk-or-Treat:  Thank you to those who donated candy for this event.  It was well attended.  For me, that is my Halloween, since we don't get Trick-or-Treaters on our street.  

Math Night   October 25  THIS FRIDAY!! Lorne's first Math Night is Friday, October 25. Teachers will be hosting math games in the rooms near our grassy quad.  It is a fun night for kids to play math games with peers and/parents.  Parents can also meet other Lorne parents.  Hope to see you there.  I'll be hosting multiplication games in our room. 

Robotics Club??  (Still in progress). . .I'm hoping to help/support a new robotics program at Lorne.  One way is to post an order for robotics kit on Donors Choose--get funded and then start the class.  Be on the look out for my Donors Choose posting.  If you are interested in helping out this new "club" with you time, please let me know. It is a new venture that a few teachers are looking into.  Maybe you know a company or person who would support us financially??   


Math:  This week we wrap up Chapter 3, Reviewing multiplication and division, the basics.  We have already started Chapter 4--multiplying larger numbers. AND, we are reviewing for a big district test Nov. 4.  

Language Arts:  Our theme for this unit: Characters--Actions and Reactions.  Our story this week is a chapter from the Wizard of Oz: Dorothy helps the Scarecrow.  We will do a compare and contrast writing and learn how to combine sentences. 

Science:   We will either do a lesson/experiment on "Why we need a skull" or "What is the largest spider?".  I'll let the kids decide.   

Social Studies:  We just learned about latitude and longitude. This week we will focus on "Just where in the world is CA?" We will learn about which continent, country, state, region, county, and city we live in.  




Computer Project:                         

 Our Google Slides project went well. The whole point was to get the kids active in using this site.  Some did an amazing job.  Our next project will be to create a slide presentation on the four regions of CA.  Don't start it yet--more information to come. 

Cereal Box Book Report

I am assigning our first book report due Nov. 15.  Students are to read a chapter book up to 150 pages.  Please select a story that has not been made into a movie.  This report can be done digitally or the "old way": covering a cereal box with paper and filling in the proper picture, writing etc.  I like the "old way".  However, the digital version has been loaded to your child's google classroom account. (Unfortunately, I sent them a copy, but it isn't editable at the moment. )  More information on both ideas to follow.  BUT, for now, children should be reading nightly (anyway).  

times Tables UPDATE:

 Everyone can make it, just put First Things First.  Be Proactive!!

This week's goal:  Memorize the 12.