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Safety & Health

Safety Valet Program

Do you want to make a difference in our school community? Consider volunteering a few minutes in the morning to help at the safety valet.

If you aren't familier with the safety valet, it runs every morning at the Strathern Street gate. Parents pull up in the coned off area, where a safety valet volunteer opens your childs door and let's them out of the car right in front of the gate. It is the safest option for dropping off to school. There is no danger in crossing the street, and no need to ever get out of your car. You can drop off the kids in your pajamas!

Students should have already gotten their morning kiss goodbye and have backback and whatever else they need for the day-ready to get out of the car as they pull up.

Further details can be found here.

Health Resources
Health Resources
Health Resources
Health Resources

Vision Exams and Low Cost Glasses

Low cost vision exams and eye glasses are available for students who need them and are in financial need. No insurance is accepted. The exams are offered at the Hart St. PTA Health Center on Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

Students who have a need should contact the school Nurse who will make the intial appointment.

There is a flat fee of $ 20.00 for the exam only or a fee of $85.00, which includes exam and basic pair of glasses. However, the Lorne St. PTA will cover the cost of the exam and glasses (if needed) for families in financial need.

Please on the link above to get more details.