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Direct Donations

Dear Lorne Street Parents,

We realize that the majority of Lorne families are happy to support our endeavors to raise funds for our wonderful school. However, sometimes it is just too difficult to try to sell another product or attend another dice out function. Not to worry, as we are continuing our “Lorne PTA Direct Donation Program” which is designed for families who are looking for an alternative to traditional fundraisers.

The Lorne Street | STEM Magnet PTA Direct Donation Program allows you to make a direct tax-deductible donation to the Lorne Street | STEM Magnet PTA, and your child will receive credit for participating in each of our fundraisers for the year. The recommended donation is $50 per student, but any amount is welcome and appreciated. Please send your check, payable to Lorne Street | STEM Magnet PTA.

Matching Donation Programs: While you are preparing your donation to the Lorne Street | STEM Magnet PTA, we encourage you to check if your employer offers a matching grant program. By taking advantage of your company’s charitable program, your donations can go twice as far toward enriching your children’s education! Please check with your Human Resources Dept. to see if your employers support “201 (c)(3) Charitable Organization” like the Lorne Street | STEM Magnet PTA! Please send the completed form along with your donation and we will take care of returning the form back to your employer.

Thank you for participating

Any questions, please feel free to contact


Donate to Lorne Street Elementary | STEM Magnet